When it comes to investing, Envision Capital (eCap) doesn’t follow a script. We chart a course that may seem unconventional to some. But the portfolio companies that work with us? They trust Envision Business Consulting’s deep, market-tested organizational and operational expertise. And they’re the ones that post accelerated growth—which means an enhanced ROI.

What is Envision Capital all about? We invest in Second Stage or Stage 2 growth companies with annual revenues between $2-$8M that are headquartered in, or have primary operations in or near, our major markets of NY-NJ, Milwaukee-Chicago, and the Denver metro area. Primarily, we’re focused on manufacturing, technology, and consumer products and services, but we’re also open to the right opportunities outside of these industries.

While we have acquired minority positions to date, we’ve come into our own as active investors—investors who closely follow and assist fledgling enterprises and entrepreneurs. Our team of top-tier professionals helps these up-and-coming entities get off the ground. And then we watch them take off. Our goal is to complete one to two deals per year with an increasing ownership percentage in each and every transaction.