Business Technology

If there’s one thing we’re passionate about, it’s harnessing the power of technology to advance business. Your business. And that means having proactive partners who work seamlessly with your team, who bring out-of-the-box ideas to the table, who understand that your success is at stake and that getting something done is as important as doing it well and doing it collaboratively.

Yes, we rely on proven processes and solutions. But we don’t sell anyone’s hardware or software. And we aren’t tied down to any one vendor. The result? Our clients get the most from their technology. And that means better decision-making. At the end of the day, others can ensure that your technology systems work. We’ll make sure that your business does.

Expectations for the IT organization continue to rise—business expects IT to be a strategic partner and to provide more quantified value with less time and resources. Envision can help IT organizations align technology to business needs, drive revenue and operational cost reduction through better processes, personnel deployment and technology enablement.

Systems landscapes are often disjointed, complex and full of gaps, while business demands on those systems continue to mount. Envision can help you develop and execute holistic systems roadmaps, deliver quick wins and establish a winning cadence. We are adept at utilizing SLDC and Agile methodologies and can help you perform business analysis, define requirements, conduct software selection and deliver results.

Many great ideas start… only to fizzle out. The business needs a lot and needs it now. It’s critical to establish cross-organizational priorities, to communicate and to deliver. Envision can help IT and other organizations manage complex initiatives to successful completion by implementing best practice methods for project portfolios, reporting , status and proactive risk and issue management. We help IT partner with the business to deliver on time and on budget.

Enable informed business leadership. Envision can help you leverage your existing data assets and evolve to a sustainable ecosystem that supports effective decision-making, data governance and business agility.

Run faster, smoother, better. Envision is experienced assessing, improving and managing key IT functions such as helpdesk, project and portfolio management, application development, testing, deployment, production support, technical operations and security.