Sales & Customer

From growing top-line revenue and improving sales productivity, to reaping the benefits of long-term customer relationships, Envision’s Sales & Customer Engagement service targets the interactions that puts results within reach. Above all, we give clients what they need to take on their toughest challenges. And stay a step ahead of the competition. It’s all about focusing on the people, process and technology components to win over customers—and keep them coming back.

Envision is here to help you take your customer-facing organization to the next level—whether you need a partner to outline a sales methodology, design channel strategies, improve sales processes, develop a customer-centric org structure or maximize call center and support technologies. What’s more, Internet-enabled and social media-savvy customers expect the right product, at the right time, delivered to the right location. And only Envision can help your organization deliver on these critical expectations at every touchpoint.

Whatever strategic, process-based, people-focused or technical issues are on the horizon, our services turn obstacles into opportunities. We help clients set themselves apart. And raise their profile in the marketplace—by maximizing the value of their customer relationships and driving revenue.


Focus on go-to-market strategies, customer segmentation, revenue growth and voice of the customer. Develop a channel strategy that consistently results in an outstanding customer experience.

From price and promotion optimization to order capture, upgrade the efficiency and effectiveness of strategic non-customer facing processes.

Provide services across CRM and ERP technologies—including SAP, Salesforce.com, Oracle and Microsoft—to set an effective sales strategy in motion.

Assist with the design of a customer support organization and call center operation that delivers a positive customer experience.

Measure customer satisfaction, correlate with actions and capabilities and react to continuously improve the customer experience.